Men’s Turquoise Coral Watch

This Men’s Turquoise Coral Watch brings the classic colors of southwest jewelry and ups the ante in this mixed metal design! Cananea Turquoise is contrasted by vivid, red Coral in a nature inspired display of Sterling and Jeweler's Gold (Red Brass). Finished with antiquing, the tips are 1-1/4" at the widest and come with a complimentary timepiece. The flex band will fit a 6-1/2" to 8-1/2" wrist. Handcrafted in our Native American shop, it's stamped Sterling and hallmarked.

This Men’s Turquoise Coral Watch is how to tell time in style!

To order your correct size: you must measure the circumference of your wrist. You can use a cloth tape measure, a ¼” strip of paper or a cord to wrap around your wrist and mark it. Lay it out flat and measure the length against a ruler, that’s your exact circumference and the size you should order.

Wrist Size